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About Us

We are a small, family-owned real estate investing company based in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to purchase, renovate and sell/rent mainly single family residential or small multi-family residences.

Along with our team of tried and trusted industry professionals, we have successfully completed dozens of projects ranging from simple, cosmetic flips to full blown ‘down to the studs’ rehabs.

In order to accommodate our growth we have designed a program tailored to busy professionals, executives, business owners and retirees, that will:
Our motto is ‘do the right thing ’.

About Judy Cooper

Judy is a dream-builder and mentor. In the field of real estate she is uniquely qualified to provide advanced training both around single family residential investing, and tax-advantaged, self-directed investment vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs.

She is a seasoned professional house remodeler with many years of experience on both the east and west coasts of taking problem houses and turning them into beautiful family homes which are a boon to the community.

Having cut her “real estate teeth” in Portland, Oregon, she was given the opportunity in 2015 to launch into Atlanta’s historic West End. A couple of ‘killer’ deals led her right back to her roots and enabled her to provide a new beginning for families in a neighborhood screaming for help – and, in the process, have a house featured on HGTV!

Call now to make an appointment for a FREE, no obligation, consultation to discover how she can help YOU to turn your hard-earned savings and/or retirement funds into short- or long- term income and build wealth in a highly tax-advantaged